v a l e i o

v a l e o is latin for: being strong/powerful/influential/healthy

When I first started Valeio, I envisioned a platform where parents and busy individuals could turn to for active living resources. I documented the bootcamps I started on my maternity leave, healthy recipes, as well as the importance of inclusivity amongst the fitness industry.

As my children grew and my career progressed, my blog evolved to a more personal level. I started self reflect more and what moving feels like for the body and mind. Movement gradually became more therapeutic and a form of nourishment and that is empowering in itself. It has become a healthy integration into finding one’s happy for life.

To achieve this, I document my own adventures as a kinesiologist, trying to find happy and nourishment through movement, while balancing it all with motherhood, friends and all the other curveballs that life decides to throw over.

c o l l a b o r a t i o n s / p u b l i c  r e l a t i o n s


l e t ‘ s   c o n n e c t














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